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" City of desert's, Havelis, forts and palaces - The golden city of India." Wedding Venue and Hotel options

Destination weddings India

Royal weddings in Jaisalmer


Described as the “Golden City of India”, Ancient folklore will come to life in the stories that surround the crevices and archways of local architecture in this desert town. Beautiful dunes ride and fall into the horizon and welcome you, whether on a gentle camel safari or the more adventurous SUV safari ride known as “dune-bashing.” Guests will be struck by the dusty brown landscapes that are flecked by the bright reds and oranges worn by local people. Jaisalmer gives the couple an exclusive place to tie the nuptial knot.


Jaisalmer located amidst miles of sand dunes in the Thar Desert makes it one of India’s most popular destinations. It is a magical city that weaves a magic that leaves one mesmerized and speechless. It still resounds with the tales of romance and valor from the past era. The city is known for its beautiful Havelis that served as the residence in yesteryears to the people in Jaisalmer. Decorated marvelously with murals, frescoes, and Rajput architecture they offer to become perfect venues for royal weddings. Most of them have opened its doors for travelers and turned into heritage hotels. Some of the renowned tourist attractions are Salim Singh Ki Haveli, Patwon Ji Ki Haveli, Nathmal Ji Ki Haveli, Jaisalmer Fort, Gadsisar Lake, and Tazia Tower.


For those who are looking for an ideal venue for Royal Wedding in Jaisalmer, the various glorious heritage hotels and Havelis can fulfill one’s dream. The Fort Rajwada, Gorbandh Palace, Jawahar Niwas and Narayan Niwas are very famous wedding venues here. Guests have a fusion of traditions, emotions, and celebrations associated with marriage making the wedding day a very exquisite event. The colorful decoration with flowers and lights, beautifully caparisoned elephants, horses, and camels welcoming guests make for a pretty sight. These luxury palaces, forts, and Havelis also provide royal accommodation to guests and relatives at the marriage. 


Apart from the above-mentioned venues some other great royal wedding venues in Jaisalmer are Bageecha lawns, Taal amphitheater, Sarovar poolside and Sam sand dunes, they make up as the perfect places for various wedding functions. The Himmatgarh Palace and Mandir Palace are also two more historical palaces for a beautiful royal retreat exuding the charm from yesteryears.

The best months for the wedding are from September until April.

15th April until 15th September every year is considered LOW season, and 16th September until 14th April every year is HIGH season for India.

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