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Royal weddings in Club style


Weddings in Indian style have loads of preparation involved in it and shopping is just one of the important ones among them. Being a social affair every Indian wedding requires a lot of things to be purchased for Bride, Groom, Guests, and various essential things for a number of ceremonies.


For a successful wedding, well-planned shopping is advised that need be started well in advance from the wedding date to avoid last-minute running around.  We shall assist you with all the shopping details with the best places and shops, the latest trends and offers and deals available in the market. Firstly one should plan a budget for shopping with separate budgets for different types of shopping. And before you start shopping finding the best places to shop that would be economical and offers good and reliable things is a wise decision as this would help you to protect your pocket.


There are various types of shopping involved in a wedding. Hence prepare a separate list for shopping of things from Bride, Groom, and gifts and also give a particular budget to each this will save you from missing out on anything and also from overspending. All the shopping needs to be done very carefully as at times it becomes a matter of prestige of families in society, therefore all the shopping should be done tastefully and before spending money find out the best deals available from various sources.


Some of the things are included in shopping lists such as a Bride shopping list would include bridal accessories, cosmetics, jewelry, dress like saris, ethnic wear and wedding dress, shoes, handbags, purses, etc. For the Groom shopping list, some inclusions would be dresses like sherwani, suits and headgear, shoes, accessories, etc. And the gifts list also needs to be prepared carefully with every guest’s name being included in it, today there is a wide range of gift items available suiting to different budgets some common gifts includes flower vase, silver pieces, jewelry, electronic items, and many other decorative items.


There is an array of shopping places available in India and Rajasthan is one of the perfect places to shop. The colorful markets and modern shopping malls offer a great variety of things that make shopping an experience. There are fashionable boutiques and designer stores in Rajasthan from where one can shop for some fabulous clothes and accessories. Major cities and towns of Rajasthan have colorful markets selling ethnic wears with rich embroidery, sequins, and beadworks.


Rajasthan local markets are the best place to shop, and they are well equipped with all the above-mentioned requirements and loads of variety.



The best months for the wedding are from September until April.

15th April until 15th September every year is considered LOW season, and 16th September until 14th April every year is HIGH season for India.

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