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Wedding Decor

Royal weddings in Club style


Let's start with floral decoration,


Flowers are one of the best creations of God that adds colour and beauty to the world. Flowers spread a kind of magic with its fragrance and colour sets the mood of various kind of events, places and ceremonies. No wedding can be imagined without the use of flowers in it. They add a completely new look to this auspicious event of one’s life.

Wedding flower decor needs to be very carefully done and requires special attention as the entire wedding venue gets its beauty from them and also reflects the theme of the wedding along with setting the mood and atmosphere of the place. We here assist you with various aspects of flower decoration from the variety of flowers available, flower decorators and latest themes & styles available.


The flower decoration should complement the other things about the wedding like the colour of the venue, lighting, dresses of the couple and the theme. There is a lot of creative and new style of flower decoration available today in the market with various patterns, designs, a colour that you can choose from as your choice.


The selection of flowers should be done keeping in mind the theme, time of the year, location and budget in hand for the wedding. Indian weddings have use of bright coloured flowers of which most commonly used ones are roses, marigolds, sunflowers, gladiolas, jasmine, sunflowers etc. However with changed latest trends and a huge variety of flowers available these days one can also go in for some carnations, dahlias, orchids, gerberas, zinnia, lilies etc.


Theme and Decor

For theme and decor, we have a list available with us, which we discuss with our guests on the table and you are free to choose from the available samples, tailor-make them, and suit it to your taste and style. After all, it is one in a lifetime event.


The best months for the wedding are from September until April.

15th April until 15th September every year is considered LOW season, and 16th September until 14th April every year is HIGH season for India.

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