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Royal weddings in Club style


One of the important features that everybody talks about in the wedding is the food served. One has to be very careful in finding a caterer for the wedding as a little ignorance in this could spoil the entire event and leave a bad impression on guests and relatives. Therefore expert advice should be considered in deciding the same. Before meeting up the caterer decide on the budget and an approx number of guests to be present at the wedding as this detail will be required by the caterer.


The caterer should be experienced with good culinary skills. Meet up with a couple of caterers and compare the service standards between them and choose the best one. Before making the final decision check out sample menus with the caterer and also try to taste the food once to get the idea of his skills. The cost of the catering services is usually dominated by the type and quantity of food required. Thus we make sure you book a reliable caterer who understands your guest's needs and leaves a finger-licking effect.




Wedding Invitation Cards are like a reflection of the special day, it holds a crucial place in the wedding. It is like an insight showing the personal style of the bride and groom. Wedding Invitations gives the first impressions of the wedding to your guests. Selecting a unique wedding card that would capture one’s attention involves a creative mind and style.

These days invitation cards are not the simple one-page cards, today is the age of designer cards with various themes and endless concepts used to prepare one. The vast array of exciting colours, fonts, sizes, themes, and styles that are available today provides a lot of choices to be made. The card should be made with fine textured paper and one can select the color according to the theme of the wedding. The details of the wedding such as the date, time, venue along with address, couple names, and host detail should be mentioned clearly in the card.


 As everybody wants their wedding card to look classy and unique, one should select the design, motif, and material to fit in the budget as the cost varies widely. Some of the latest eye-catching trends being used in the wedding cards to make them look unique are the use of photographs of the couple on the card, handmade cards, use of cartoon characters on the card, and many more. If the wedding cards are dull they at times tend to discourage the guest from attending the wedding, however, if the card is bright and classy the guest might get drawn towards the wedding.


We help you to choose invitation cards for your wedding that capture the spirit of your special day. We help you to search a wedding invitation card that would reflect your style and taste. Couples can personalize their wedding invitation with invitation wordings and symbols.



The best months for the wedding are from September until April.

15th April until 15th September every year is considered LOW season, and 16th September until 14th April every year is HIGH season for India.

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